EMail from BT. I'm being upgraded !

  mooly 07:48 07 Feb 2010

Message from BT saying our "network in the area" is being "upgraded"... there may be a loss of service for 10 minutes or so on the day (Wednesday 10th).

Is this to do with their "up to 20megs" broadband ? No direct mention of that in the message but one of their links infers that.

I have just done and printed results of as "proof" of my current speeds... why do I mistrust "new and improved" might mean worse :)
Anyone else had this happen.

Current speeds are,
download... 6.84mbs
upload..... 0.36mbs
ping....... 57ms

When it's done I'll post the new result.

  rdave13 07:57 07 Feb 2010

'Morning mooly. I think you're lucky getting an 'upgrade'. SamKnows shows more red X's than green on my exchange :(

  mooly 08:04 07 Feb 2010

Good morning to you rdave13

Well, it will be interesting to see, thats for sure.

  wiz-king 08:08 07 Feb 2010

It does not say "you are being upgraded" just the area network :-(
However a good idea to keep an eye of speeds for a few days.

  mooly 08:17 07 Feb 2010

"However a good idea to keep an eye of speeds for a few days"

I will certainly do that :)

The original message mentions it may take 10 days for the connection to settle and adjust following this and that speeds during this time might be slower and prone to interuption.

  Portly 16:41 07 Feb 2010

Hmmm. Another improvement that they are introducing is a change of evening time from April 1st. From then on, free calls will start at 7pm and finish 7am. wonder how many people they will catch between 6 and 7 pm. at least until the next bills come out.

  mooly 12:48 10 Feb 2010

Well today is the day :)
I wonder if it was done early morning as the HomeHub showed only connected for 5 hours... making it reset at around 3am.

Have run a couple of times, early morning and noon and find download slightly worse today (if work has been done... which I don't know for sure) at 6.32mbs, upload unchanged at 0.36mbs and ping is better at 0.42 ms

  mooly 19:09 15 Feb 2010

Final update on this... the early morning speed has been consistent at around 6.32 mbs... but here's an interesting observation... the evening speed is faster, showing 6.87mbs

Very strange... but good :)
Well done BT

  robin_x 22:37 15 Feb 2010

Good for you. I was tempted by BT but AOL talked me into staying and gave me a new wireless router.
And reduced my monthlies significantly.

I was fixed on 2Mbps before and now should be on 8Mbs, but only average 4.5Mbps.

No biggie, I am not a big downloader.

  mooly 08:10 16 Feb 2010

"I was fixed on 2Mbps before and now should be on 8Mbs, but only average 4.5Mbps.

No biggie, I am not a big downloader"

When I first got BB, the phone line hadn't been touched in 50 years I guess, and the speeds were around 0.1mbs... and yet for "ordinary" web use it wasn't a problem. In the evenings it went to around 0.05mbs... and then you did notice.

Got on to BT and that was soon sorted... I read somewhere that it takes several weeks from first having BB on a line, for BT to make sure the physical integrity of that line is OK... connections up poles, box on street corners etc.

Don't know how true that is.
Anyway speeds have been on the up ever since.

  rawprawn 08:15 16 Feb 2010

Hi mooly, BT say about 10 days before speeds are optimised,but I am on 8mb, and I get an average of 6.3mb (the village exchange is only about 200 yards away)
I have to say I got that speed from day 1, but it may be because I am so close to the exchange.

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