Email attachments in ASPX format

  beebender 13:01 22 Apr 2010


Recently I have had several attachments sent through in ASPX format. I cannot open these in PDF or in any other application.

I have Windows 7 Pro.

Firstly what is ASPX?

Is there any application that will let me open them?

Any ideas appreciated.

Many thanks.

  bluesbrother 13:23 22 Apr 2010

Seems to be something to do with MS Office
ASPX - ASP.NET Source File (Microsoft Corporation)

click here

  wiz-king 13:25 22 Apr 2010

click here looks like it should open in your web browser

  Sea Urchin 13:42 22 Apr 2010
  Sea Urchin 13:43 22 Apr 2010

Sorry wiz-king didn't see your link before I posted. At least we both agree. :@)

  beebender 20:12 22 Apr 2010

Thank you for your replies - I have now made some progress - it opens but I have a load of dots and squiggles. (Have opened this in notepad and wordpad).

Is there any other way I can read these attachments or is it a case of my Word program not being compatible with theirs?

  Sea Urchin 20:30 22 Apr 2010

Have you tried opening it in your browser as described above - twice. It will not open in Notepad or Wordpad - it's not a Word document.

  beebender 10:24 25 Apr 2010

Thank you all. :-)

I have followed all instructions and can now read them, you are right bluesbrother it is MS Office that is causing this corruption and after deleting this it is now fine.

Many thanks

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