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  highside 14:48 04 Jun 2013

Hello, I am posting a copy of a post I made in the Win 8 forum in hope that more people will read it and also as a warning about the Win 8 Refresh facility. It may be my fault for using it but many experts & the program itself said that Refresh in Win 8 would not remove personal files. Well it removed many of my programs which I have now reinstalled but it also removed Windows Live Essentials and destroyed my emails dating back a very long time including all my contacts. Feel very angry about this as the descriptions of Refresh give the impression that its a very non aggressive program. Tried a recovery freebie but it reported that most of my stuff is unrecoverable.About three of 800 can be read. Tried uploading my e account into Outlook with my Microsoft credentials but it only found the stuff since the disater. Any comment please? (apart from its my fault) Win 8 64 bit Win Live Mail pop3 Thanks

  Woolwell 15:26 04 Jun 2013

Many of the mail clients, not just Windows Live Mail, store emails as part of their data and there is always a risk that the emails will go with the program as they are not treated as documents, etc. I separately back up my emails as I do with my documents, photos, etc.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:29 04 Jun 2013

" also removed Windows Live Essentials and destroyed my emails"

highside, have you checked WLM's default message-store location for your missing e-mails?:

C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

Within that folder there should be one for every e-mail account that was setup in WLM. Within that here should be an Inbox, Sent Items, etc folder and within that all your e-mails should be there as separate files.

If that doesn't help then do a search for files with a .eml extension to see if your e-mails are somewhere else.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:35 04 Jun 2013

...........I forgot to say that the AppData folder is normally hidden so make sure you've got "Show hidden files and folders" set in Folder options.

  Woolwell 20:02 04 Jun 2013

Watching with interest as I am now wondering if W8 Refresh deletes AppData.

  highside 20:23 04 Jun 2013

Thanks so much Secret-Squirrel, I had already tried to find them and elected to view hidden files, found the path but nothing intelligible.

What worked was your idea of searching for .eml I searched C:\acer and it came gave me many emails. They appear as an envelope with a double HEX number but they do open in WLM. Will have to go into that further as the search doesn't say where they are ie the path shown is just Acer .eml Woolwell - the AppData was there having done the hidden files trick mentioned by Secret-Squirrel. For now have copied the mails to an external drive you will be pleased to hear.

Interesting that the recovery app I tried did find them but said they were too poor or unrecoverable but they seem fine, even if at the moment I can only click on an unnamed envelope a bit blindly.

Thanks for help will update later.

  highside 20:36 04 Jun 2013

Rechecked the path and it does go but at the Windows Live Mail point it stops with three folders within another called Back Up One opens but shows just a page of code (folder edb00006) The other two cant be opened by Windows which asks how you want to open them.(I don't know) They are Mail.MsMessageStore Mail.pat

Maybe my contacts list is in there somewhere but much happier now.

Thanks again

  Secret-Squirrel 21:02 04 Jun 2013

Good to see you've made some progress.

" came gave me many emails. They appear as an envelope with a double HEX number but they do open in WLM................For now have copied the mails to an external drive....."

If you know which folder in WLM the e-mails should go (such as Inbox, Sent Items, etc) then here's how you can import them:

Arrange the folder window containing the files and the WLM program window so they're side-by-side. To add those files into WLM all you need to do is multiple select them and drag 'n' drop them into the appropriate folder in WLM. When you release the mouse those files will magically become regular e-mails with a proper subject line. You may want to try with just one file first so you get the hang of it.

Regarding your missing Contacts list, do a search for contacts.edb. I expect you'll find two so look at the modified dates and sizes and see if you can determine if one is your missing one.

I'll be back in the morning.

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