Email addresses

  Yimbo 13:21 04 Jan 2006

I have an email address used with Incredimail and one with OE. I wish to uninstall Incredimail - how do I get both addresses directed to OE?

  rawprawn 13:49 04 Jan 2006

I don't use Incredimail, but if you can export your address book from there in a form that OE can read you can do it. You need to export it in CSV (comma seperated Values ) Export to a file such as "My Documents, then import into OE from there.

  Hamish 14:05 04 Jan 2006

If it is just your email address with Incredimail can you not just set up a new account under tools, account in OE and use that. I do not have Incredimail but this will keep your post up near the top

  Fingees 15:18 04 Jan 2006

I don't quite understand the problem.

I use Incredimail as my mail program and use it for all my Email addresses.

Likewise, to use Outlook you only have to go to
and enter the relevant details.

I prefer Incredimail because it has an excellent notifier, so if mail arrives when I'm not by the computer, it is visible when I come back.

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