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  john1000 20:19 08 Jan 2005

i have a 1mb connection with freeserve i am about to start my new bussiness and i want another email i can use just for my bussiness how do i go about doing it? thanks

  Buchan 35 20:23 08 Jan 2005

I`m no expert but have you tried your ISP, freeserve?

  octal 20:39 08 Jan 2005

Just a suggestion, have you thought of registering a URL and getting it hosted. I have a personal web site and I can use it for emails.

To give you an idea my web site URL is click here and the email is paul @ (the spaces are so that the address doesn't turn into a link). It costs £1.99 to register it and about £40 per year.

  Dizzy Bob 20:45 08 Jan 2005

Similar to Octal's post.

Register a domain name through a company like 123.reg, for a fairly small fee. (Mine was about £12 for 2 years I think), this includes email forwarding.

You publish the email address on your business cards etc, with whichever variations you like, ie [email protected], [email protected], and then forward the emails to whatever account / email address you want to use to read and reply.

The 123.reg console is easy to use, and you have the other advantage, that even if you change your ISP, you don't have to change your published email address, just redirect to your new email account.

Hope this helps.


  john1000 20:49 08 Jan 2005

thanks thats a good idea how do i go about doing it and is there a limited number of links or things i can put on it?

  Dizzy Bob 20:51 08 Jan 2005

EMail me via the envelope and I will give you my homepage url. This is currently defaulted to 123.reg as I do not use it for anything else.

You should find all of the information there, and also a checker to see which domain names are available.

Dizzy B

  octal 20:53 08 Jan 2005

You want to check to see if you URL is available, I use Lycos, I'm not really recommending the, its because I've been a customer for years and they've always given me good service. There are plenty around that are cheaper, but this will give you an idea: click here

  pj123 20:55 08 Jan 2005

What is your business going to be called?

A good place to check for a domain name is

click here

octal, do you know G4TMB is he still around?

  octal 21:01 08 Jan 2005

I don't recognise the callsign, so I typed his call into here: click here but he's not listed on the database, it doesn't mean he doesn't exist though, sorry. If he is a friend I might be able to find out for you if you want to email me.

Apologies to john1000 for jumping into you thread.

  john1000 21:07 08 Jan 2005

thanks octal i have checked this out my url is available £1.99 then it asks me for a package from 4.99 a month to 8 .99 a month this part i dont understand help much appreciated

  octal 21:35 08 Jan 2005

To just register the URL is £1.99, if you want space for a web site or emails you have to take up one of the packages. It maybe worth taking up Dizzy Bob's offer and email him via the little yellow envelope next to his name, it looks like his one is much cheaper for what you need.

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