email address problem

  Boy Zone 18:01 18 Dec 2008


I have just started receiving Emails as if sent by myself to myself, i.e. the sender is using my own Email address.
I know I could block this address, but sometimes when sending Emails out I send a blind copy to myself, thus I can't block my own Email address.
Any idea how I overcome this problem.
I did open one Email, and they are for sexual aides. I now blocked them all with my own email address, but I can't now send Emails to myself.
I use windows live, and windows XP

  p;3 18:08 18 Dec 2008

What protection programs do you have and when did you last fully update them all and run deep computer scans to see if you may be infected?

  Boy Zone 18:12 18 Dec 2008

I use Nod 32 and Zone alarm Pro.
Both updated automaticaly
I deep scaned my PC last week, but the Emails have been coming for the past 3 weeks.

  palinka 19:25 18 Dec 2008

It’s very likely to be nothing YOU'VE done that has caused the problem. It can happen even when you yourself take great care and it’s probably the result of someone you’ve written to who has an unprotected computer/doesn’t update/is careless about what emails they open. Thus his/her address book list (which includes your address) has been “got at” by a nasty and someone else (unknown to either of you) is now sending emails that supposedly have come from you.
You can’t do anything about it, unfortunately.

  palinka 19:36 18 Dec 2008

Incidentally it's quite a common problem - see this thread : click here

  Clapton is God 19:51 18 Dec 2008

"You can’t do anything about it, unfortunately"

Well, yes, you can.

You can change your e-mail address and then use it sparingly.

Use it for friends and family (perhaps) but DON'T use it to sign up to every e-newsletter or at every website which takes your fancy.

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