sameer1234 05:36 23 May 2017

Hi, I am using Windows Live Mail 2012. In the same, when I am forwarding any incoming mail to any one, the mail address of the sender(from whom I have recd the original mail) is not coming on the forwarded mail. Can u suggest me any solution. Thanks

  wee eddie 09:49 23 May 2017

Well, think about it.

You become the Sender when you forward an email

  sameer1234 10:44 23 May 2017

I am talking about the mail body where the old message is there, you can see the name of sender of mail but not the email address.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 23 May 2017

Sameer, if the email is in the "plain text" format then that's completely normal behaviour in Windows Live Mail. It's only "Rich Text (HTML)" emails that retain the sender's address when forwarding.

  sameer1234 12:15 23 May 2017

it is already in Rich Text

  Secret-Squirrel 12:31 23 May 2017

it is already in Rich Text

How do you know that? It may be worth me mentioning that if in the window for the forwarded message it shows a toolbar button called "Rich Text (HTML)" then the message is actually in plain text. Clicking that button to convert the message to HTML won't reveal its sender's address unfortunately.

It may be worthwhile checking WLM's send options. Make sure that "Reply to messages using the format they were sent" is ticked and also HTML is selected as the mail sending format.

  sameer1234 06:04 24 May 2017

Hi SS, I checked all things you said. Like In the forwarded message, the tool bar is showing "plain Text" which means message is in rich text. In WLM Send option, HTML box is selected and plain box is blank. I also tried to change options inside HTML settings but the senders email address is still not coming. May be you can suggest something else. Thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 08:47 24 May 2017

Sorry Sameer but I can't think of anything else right now. Make sure you ticked "Reply to messages using the format they were sent" from the "Send" tab in WLM's options.

Do you get the same problem with all emails or just a few? Do a test forward on a few messages and see if you can come up with anything that may help identify which ones are affected. There's no need to actually send them - just see what's displayed in the message window.

  sameer1234 09:30 24 May 2017

Hi, I get this problem in all emails I send and I have done a lot of test by various combinations but could not get the solution. In case u get any solution, pls update me. My email id is [email protected] Thanks

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