Email accounts that filter out viruses

  jz 18:49 23 Sep 2003

On a previous message that I posted a few days ago, I asked why ISP providers don't filter out virus emails. A few people responded with ISPs that do.

I'm with NTL broadband and use NTL and Yahoo emails, but neither filter the virus emails out (or at least if they do, I haven't found the option that does this yet!)

I want to stick with NTL broadband as my ISP, so is there a third-party email provider that filters out virus emails? I want one that really does not send them to me - Yahoo segregates them into a 'bulk' email folder, but this quickly uses up my 6Mbyte allocation, with the 40 or so Microsoft update virus emails I get per day.

  LastChip 19:00 23 Sep 2003

I think you are seeking the impossible.

Most ISP's have filtering software that REDUCES the amount of virus's that you receive. Indeed, during the last episode, many thousands of virus's were stopped, but the onus is on you to have up to date anti-virus software, that scans your e-mail as it comes in.

If you choose to enable heuristics within your scanning software, as yet unknown virus's may be trapped.

The bottom line is, it's sad to think that people that have the skill level required to write virus's, don't put their skill to better use!

  jz 20:26 23 Sep 2003

I don't expect 100% perfection, if I got a 90% reduction I'd be very happy. I don't have any problems with getting a virus from these emails - I don't open the attachments and I have AV software anyway.

The problem is that they use up my 6MByte limit in less than 2 days, so if I go away, some of my wanted non-virus emails will have bounced. A 90% reduction would last me 20 days, which would be great. Also, this microsoft update virus and many like it would be very easy for ISPs to scrap, so 90% looks easy.

Back to my original question, are there any third-party email providers that at least make an attempt to scrap them? What is homail like? What about the rest?

  Pesala 00:12 24 Sep 2003

I think they do filter email and have no limit on the mailbox size. You can sign up for a free trial package. click here

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