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  rambus 16:21 27 Jan 2007

we have three computers at home, one is used by me and the other two by the kids. all are conneced to the internet via a broadband router, apart from printer sharing they are not networked.
i have bought a domain name for email use only.i have set up a email account on each machine for the three of us, in message rules in outlook express i have set it to leave message on server unless it contains that persons name and all works well. question is , is this the best way to do it or am i missing something.

  Taff™ 16:56 27 Jan 2007

Am I reading this right. Each of you has a separate e-mail address (Mailbox)hosted from your domain. In which case each person should have a different log on to their own mailbox, not accessible to the others so leaving a copy on the server isn`t necessary.Each should send & receive from their wn designated mailbox.

Most Domain hosting will let the master e-mail account to pick up anything not recognised as an existing e-mail account. ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc)

  rambus 17:16 27 Jan 2007

hi taff, i only have one mailbox,
therefor have created three alias`s [email protected] and [email protected] ect ect

  Taff™ 17:39 27 Jan 2007

Ah! You should have set up three mailboxes.Each mailbox can usually hold several e-mail addresses (aliases)Check with your Domain Hosting Company or post back who they are and someone will check it out for you. (I`m off out but I`ll check tomorrow!)

  rambus 09:15 28 Jan 2007

thanks again Taff, domain host is "" and am on ntlworld.

  Taff™ 09:49 28 Jan 2007

I`ve had a quick look but I`m obviously unable to access the help pages because you need a log in. You say you`ve registered a Domain - this should include "Unlimited e-mail Forwarding" however there is reference to upgrading to include e-mail accounts and aliases. click here

The Family Package looks right for you but I`m uncertain if this is already included in yur Domain purchase. You need to log in to the Control Panel and do a bit of searching for help.

  rambus 14:28 28 Jan 2007

have logged in and have alias`s set up,but all emails come thru to the host email address, only way as i can see is to set message rules in outlook express so emails go to differant machines which is what i have configured, works well, just wondered if there was a better/simpler way of configuring multiple address`s to be recieved on differant machines. thanks for your time and trouble Taff.

  Taff™ 17:45 28 Jan 2007

Step one is to set up another two mailboxes. Then within each mailbox create an alias. Remember from my earlier post each mailbox can have several aliases. For example: You might have a personal mailbox with alias one being a formal business address and a second being a "nickname" e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]

Each member of the family can then have their own mailbox (Unique Password) and several aliases depending on what the Domain Host allows.

  rambus 18:34 28 Jan 2007

ok Taff, i will see what i am allowed by my domain host`s. thanks again for your help.
i will close this thread now and if i have any problems will be back on the forum.

  Taff™ 19:20 28 Jan 2007

Post it back here if you have a problem. Otherwise others won`t realise what you`ve done so far.

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