Email access while abroad.

  GPC 17:01 15 Dec 2004

When overseas, I have to depend on the good will of other people who will let me get on line so I can check my Email.
Dialling international numbers back to my home ISP is just too expensive.
BT have a system that requires a minimum of 100 Euros per month. No thanks!

Is there any orhanisation or provider that will enable me to access my Email through local or low charge access number so I can get my Email in mainland Europe, Middle East, USA, etc?

  Taw® 18:56 15 Dec 2004

If your email is web based such as yahoo, hotmail etc then you should be able to access it from any pc. If it is a specific isp email address then as long as you have access to a pc with an email programme such as outlook, and you know your pop3 and smtp servers then you can also access it.

  [DELETED] 18:57 15 Dec 2004

The only suggestion I can make is to get yourself a web mail account and find yourself a local Internet café so you can view your emails anywere in the world. I think you could set your existing email to re-direct to the web mail address.

I use this one click here there are others of course.

  Taw® 23:14 15 Dec 2004

GPC you should keep your response within the forum so others can follow the topic and advise accordingly. The yellow envelope for email should be used by request.

From email

"Maybe I did not make it clear. The point is, I do not want to be depending on using somebody else's PC. Frequently I am many miles from the nearest Cyber Cafe. I used to have Compuserve some years ago and that was pretty good. Unfortunately several requests for their software did not produce any results. Are they still around? GPC"

Sorry if i have misunderstood but I think to receive your email you will have to have access to a pc or wap enabled phone

  SANTOS7 23:21 15 Dec 2004

click here
this may help, under how it works tab gives you all info on cost, good luck...........

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