Elusive cursor

  [DELETED] 21:14 14 Nov 2003

Whenever I want to click in a text/spreadsheet etc because I want the cursor there to highlight, change or draw, my cursor does not on the spot where I clicked but daigonally to the top right about 2" away. when I want to click to somewhere close to the border of the document the arrow 'jumps' into the border, making clicking impossible. I can only move around effectively using arrows. But that is not adequate. I have tried a new mouse and keyboard. Checked the settings of the mouse [via control panel] and run the anti virus programme. All to no avail. . Could it be another software problem or the graphics card?
Please, is there anyone who can help me with this anoying problem

  [DELETED] 22:07 14 Nov 2003

have you checked your mouse settings(control panel)which has a pointer option to hide the pointer while typing?
there is also a joke programme-who else has access?

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