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  Les50 10:56 12 Apr 2003

i have been given 4 elonex computers and i want to restore the fastest or best model just to see how things were before pentium 4's etc.
the models are pc 425x,pc560/i, pc 325x and pc 450.
here are the questions.
does the number mean the faster processor meaning the 560 would be best?
Is there any websites to assist me in puttjng these back together?

i know they are old and outdated but they are in excellent condition and to good for the bin.

also i cant see any hard drives in the cases could i put say a 4gb in?

  old-timer 11:31 12 Apr 2003

I believe the numbers you mentioned relate to:-

425 - 486 speed 25
325 - 386 speed 25
450 - 486 Speed 50
560/i - Pentium 1 speed 60

Therefore the latest is the 560/i.

You will probably find the Bios will not accept a 4GB disk as one partition. However you could try...If not the make two partitions of 2 GB each..

  Les50 11:47 12 Apr 2003

old timer, thanks for the info thats great i had another look for hard drives do they look like todays hard drives?
i found a bag of very peculiar looking memory modules quite a few.
Any ideas where i could download a manual?

  bab5 12:12 12 Apr 2003

Les 50

Try poping across to click here

might be of help


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