elite mobo mb694a

  [DELETED] 10:16 30 Oct 2003

I am building a pc for my daughter she is 7 a friend has gave me an old mobo i can use. Its an ECS MB694A 370 socket mobo i have the drivers and manual for it but what it does not say in the manual is what processor speed i could go up to is there any site i can check for this i have been to the main site for the board but its that far out of date there's no info cheers for any help

  [DELETED] 10:58 30 Oct 2003

from what i can find, your motherboard should support

Pentium3 @100mhz fsb = 850 mhz proc

pentium3 @133mhz fsb = 1.13 ghz proc

celeron @66mhz fsb = 766 mhz proc

celeron @100mhz fsb = 850 mhx proc

cyrix @100mhz fsb = 750 mhz proc

info collected from click here

please check for yourself before buying a processor, from this list it appears that your motherboard is a "pcchips 694A"

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