Electronics help,

  wolfie3000 14:36 17 Mar 2010

I need 9V 1A to power a device, I want to power th through USB which is 5V 0.5A, if I add two connectors will this work?
Or is it possible to run it off Molex without any resistors etc?

I am doing it with bits I have laying about

  howard64 14:55 17 Mar 2010

I think you will blow up your usb ports! To get 9V from 2 5V outlets you would have to connect them in series. You would be better advised to look at your old ac supplies. I have many lying around from old things such as chargeable torches etc. The chances are you might have one giving 9V output. You do not say whether you need ac or dc and if dc what the polarity is.

  wolfie3000 15:00 17 Mar 2010

The idea is to remove the use of the plug, also a Laptop USB HDD uses two usb ports so why cant this?

  wiz-king 16:02 17 Mar 2010

They are in parallel, if you try to pair them up in series you will short out the power supply and blow the fuses and it is almost impossible to repair them. If you put the in parallel +ve to +ve then you will up the current but not the volts.

  wolfie3000 16:06 17 Mar 2010

Thanks all, looks like I cant do it then.

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