Electronic Photo Frame

  TonyV 19:46 28 Dec 2009

We had one of these devices (a Sony) for Christmas and have managed to get it set up so that it will show photos which have been put on to the internal storage system. However, supplied with it was a card that fits in to one of the available slots.

This is great, but how do I get photos on to the card? I do have a card reader which should be fitted internally in my computer, but I am loathe to jigger the case up when I try to install it. (It seems to be deeper than the slot but not as wide as the slot it is supposed to fit in!)

The obvious thing to do is to buy a separate external card reader, which are quite cheap, but will I be able to transfer photos to the card through an external reader? Or does it just read a card that is already loaded, i.e. straight out of the camera?



  Technotiger 19:51 28 Dec 2009

The photo frame will read a card straight from a camera or one filled with pics from a PC.

The PC will need a compatible card reader.

  TonyV 19:56 28 Dec 2009

That is my point, does a card reader, which are only a few pounds from the likes of Amazon, allow pictures to be loaded on to a card, or does it just read? Is there a special one that reads and writes, or do they all read and write? The ones I have looked at appear to only read, but that maybe because the write ups are a bit short on overall descriptions!!



  Technotiger 20:04 28 Dec 2009

Yes it does allow adding to and removing pics etc, from cards while attached to a PC - treats the card just like any other drive, that is why when you connect a card reader to a PC, all the slots on it appear in My Computer, with letters, just like drives.

  Technotiger 20:09 28 Dec 2009

click here

Click to enlarge pic - this is my own My Computer, showing my card reader slots as F, G, H, and I.

  TonyV 20:10 28 Dec 2009

Many thanks for your information. It will be the best thing to do to buy an external card reader and then transfer the pictures to the card via the reader. It is interesting that the card in the Photo Frame cannot be added to via the frame. It doesn't seem to call the card a different drive, whereas the frame is classed as my G: drive.



  Technotiger 20:14 28 Dec 2009

Yes, that is the card slot in the Frame, put a card in and you should be able to add/remove pics directly from the PC, as in My Pictures.

  Technotiger 20:31 28 Dec 2009

Hmm, I might have miss-led you, have you connected the frame to the PC via the USB Slot in the frame? If so, that is wrong, the USB slot on the Frame is only intended for attaching USB Mem Sticks.

  TonyV 20:50 28 Dec 2009

I do connect the Frame to the computer via the USB cable. This is what it says in the Handbook. But yesterday when I was trying to get pictures on to the card, it would not do it. It added the pictures to the internal storage system in the Frame. (The G: Drive.)

However, I have just realised that my Epson R300 Printer has a card reader and I stuck the card in there and dragged and dropped pictures on to it with no problem!! I have never used the Epson for this sort of work ever since I had it about 4 years ago!!



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