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  Chris the Ancient 20:09 22 May 2003

My own fault, I know. But...

I ordered a fantastic looking piece of software and start-up bits from www. e-promocard.com to make electronic business cards on mini-cd. I read about them in 'Which'. Just the job for my business. I just wish I had done it on my credit card rather than my debit card.

Now the typical tale. Got all sorts of e-mails promising delvery etc. Guess what? Correct. No goods, no nothing. I have e-mailed them three times this week requesting updates. Guess what? Nothing. Tried going back to their website to get an address or phone number. Guess what? Nothing. The site doesn't respond!

Lesson learned.

However, does anyone know of a source of purchase of software etc. to make electronic business cards? Google didn't help much. But I *do* know that there are many people out there who may know of a source.

Help, please.



  Chris the Ancient 20:29 22 May 2003

After 20 minutes of constant trying, I've got their website - so that's a start and I've got some addresses and phone numbers to work to.

However, if anyone still knows of an alternative supplier, I would be grateful.


  cream. 20:45 22 May 2003

Hi Chris, sorry to here of your misfortune.There do seem to be a lot of "scammers " out there and you do have to be very careful. I hope-you get some sort of redress.

Any way I put 'Electronic Business Cards in the bbc search engine and it came back with 672,862 hits. There may be one of use to you. Good luck.

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:50 22 May 2003

I use the epromocard programmes and have never had any problems. There is only epromo card that seems to sell this type of software for flash animations on CD business cards. If it's any consolation the software is a joy to use and well worth the wait. You could try click here as they have been flogging the cards and software recently.


  Chris the Ancient 20:53 22 May 2003

Having a good look - which will take time!

First glance seems to be similar to google. Gives a lot of sites that will make 'em for you. But struggling through to see if I can find one that will sell me the stuff to do it myself.

I shall look deeper into that list.


  slowhand_1000 20:55 22 May 2003

Do a search in Google (pages from UK) with the search title "CD Business Cards". There is at least 10 pages of links.

But a word of warning. I have been in the print/promotion business for many years and my previous employer was very keen on promoting the CD Business Card idea to clients. But after showing clients a demo disc a lot of them did not fancy the idea of inserting the disc in cd tray.

The noise or 'flutter' for want of a better word that these cards make can be quite off putting. Many clients also said "if its making that much noise, what if it breaks the cd drive, will you pay for it".

I have heard of instances, albeit not many, (from other reps) where the cd has chewed up a drive.

We checked out a lot of suppliers and found that a couple of them also included a disclaimer against any possible damage that might be incurred through use of the cd's.

Mind you after all that I do like the idea of them. You can put your brochure, website, product manuals etc onto them.

But ... I have now set up on my own and I still use good old index card. Most damage you can do with them is have someones eye out. A darn site less hasle than screwing up their pc lolol.

  Chris the Ancient 21:01 22 May 2003

Just off to have a look under that heading.

I didn't realise that they made a lot of flapping. I think I might be suspicious in that case. So, perhaps, if I had received my order I'd be glad that it was a sort of 'trial' package!

Maybe just straightforward mini cds may be the answer. I got a 'gizzit' mini cd from Toyota a while back and that seemed a good bit of publicity.

Methinks I shall start having to research a good source of mini cds with nice enclosures!

  Chris the Ancient 21:03 22 May 2003

Sorry - I initially missed your response. I'm off to look there as well!

  slowhand_1000 21:16 22 May 2003

Sorry if I put you off the idea. As I said I had heard of only a few instances where things went 'pear shaped'. What drew my attention to 'do I or don't I'. Was when I brought a sample home a cpl of years ago I put it into my cd tray and it ran ok. My lad see the card and thinks it's "cool" to use his term. So off we go up to his pc. He puts it in and the din that came from his drive was terrible. So I put another card from same batch and it had the same result. Tried it again in mine and it ran ok.

Only thing I can think of was that my drive is a combo and seems to take a little while to get to full speed. Whilst his cd seems to get up to full speed almost instantly. Maybe the Business Card style of cd didn't like being spun so fast so quick, I don't know. But I didn't fancy having to face a client if things went horribly wrong. So needless to say yours truly here was bottom of sales figures for selling cd Business Cards.

I know you can get small, 150mb or so I think, cd Business Cards that might be a better option.

  Chris the Ancient 21:21 22 May 2003

The thoughts of a potentials customer's drive making a noise is certainly making me rethink here. The extra bit of pzazz might not be worth the worries it could create.

The thought of a mini cd is beginning to look much more attractive - and I'm definitely tending towards that route now. Safety is better than pzazz!

All I need to do is find a media supply company that does these small CD-Rs!

Off to the search engines again.....

  slowhand_1000 21:31 22 May 2003

click here

They will supply blanks with labels or print the cd's for you.

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