Electronic bookings

  Muckle 21:06 20 Oct 2003

I work in a small, flexible learning centre with 10 PCs available to book in 30 minute 'chunks'. Does anyone know of any (very cheap!) software that would manage this set up?

  Pesala 22:00 20 Oct 2003

click here for what seems to be a free download. This popular program can probably do what you need without too much hard work learning new skills.

Those more familiar than I am with the program might offer further advice on how best to go about setting up such a schedule.

  Sir Radfordin 00:28 21 Oct 2003

Pen and paper may be just as easy. The system used at the local Uni is just that and they've got both money, resources and a desire to make everything as complicated as they can for people. Seems to do the job just fine.

Also, every time I visit a bowling ally they still all seem to be using pen and paper to book lanes.

Perhaps your making the problem too complicated!

  Taran 01:59 21 Oct 2003

I agree that a pen and paper solution is probably the simplest long term.

Have you considered using a Microsoft Access database ?

Open up Access and just below where it says "Create a new database using" you should check the option called "Access database wizards, pages and projects".

Select the Resource Scheduling database and if you take the time to fill in the relevant details and tweak it a little, it will do all you need in terms of who needs what, why and when.


  Chris the Ancient 08:18 21 Oct 2003

If all the computers are in use, how would you get on one to book a slot?! ;o)

  pj123 12:18 21 Oct 2003

I'll make you one (using excel, if you have it) just email me in the first instance so that I can get some details.

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