Electrical Issues

  Docking Bay 94 16:34 11 Jan 2009

I have got a friend's pc which is an Acer Aspire T310. The problem he is experiencing is that the once the pc is powered up at his house the machine will shutdown randomly, not sure how long it is on for but I am told only a few minutes.

The query I have is that I can take the machine away to my house as I suspect it may be a faulty PSU or motherboard but I have had the pc powered up constantly for hours and it has not shut down once at all.

Could there be something wrong with his home electrical mains supply and if so how can I tell or test please?

Thanks for any advice.

  Pineman100 17:22 11 Jan 2009

Has your friend noticed any other electrical equipment 'blipping' as though there's a brief break in the electrical supply?

It might be an idea for him to plug something else into the socket that he plugs the computer into - perhaps an electric fan or something similar - and see whether he notices any brief breaks in its performance. If so, then there could be a problem just in that socket (maybe a loose wire) or in the whole house.

  Graham. 17:25 11 Jan 2009

Or a table lamp.

  Pineman100 17:54 11 Jan 2009

My small concern about a table lamp is that it won't load the socket to the extent that fan would. I suspect that a bit more of a load could be more successful at exposing a weakness in the socket.

  woodchip 19:24 11 Jan 2009

It may be he as it in a cupboard that makes it overheat

  johnnyrocker 19:48 11 Jan 2009

check mains cable?


  Switcher 20:10 11 Jan 2009

Looks like faulty socket in friend's house. He could try different socket. Perhaps something moved away from obstructing fan when you moved PC.

  DieSse 20:38 11 Jan 2009

Fluorescent lights being switched on, or with bad components, may cause electrical noise - so may fridge motors going on or off - or stair lifts - or indeed any other electrical appliance.

Even bad wiring anywhere in a house may be generating significant noise may be enough in some cases.

One thing may be to acquire a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and run the system off that. An on-line one will iron out spikes and brief power glitches - but won't tell where they're coming from, of course.

  laurie53 09:13 12 Jan 2009

Freezers are, or were, notorious for giving a mains spike as they cycled on/off, and there may be other things.

Try disconnecting the freezer, or anything else which cycles on/off (frig, CH etc) for 24 hours.

  Spark6 10:13 12 Jan 2009

Surprises me that no-one has suggested trying another computer in this 'rogue' socket. I wouldn't recommend isolating a frig/freezer, or the C.H. at this time of the year!

  laurie53 20:18 12 Jan 2009

11 degrees today.

Positively springlike!

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