electric shock from case

  Cretin07 16:06 25 Nov 2003

Hi my pc wouldnt boot up and sometimes it beeps but other times it wouldnt and then it would give me electric shocks from the case. whats wrong?

  stlucia 16:12 25 Nov 2003

Sounds like a faulty mains connection -- and a potentially serious one if it's giving you electric shocks. The fault could be in the mains lead, but is more likely to be inside the PSU where the mains goes in.

I would suggest you don't use your PC until the problem is resolved.

  [email protected]@m 16:28 25 Nov 2003

It may be just static when you touch the earthed case. If you know the difference, then as stlucia says, unplug from the mains until it's fixed.

  Cretin07 16:29 25 Nov 2003

dont think so, i have tried three different psus to no avail.

  plankton 16:56 25 Nov 2003

Does it stand on man-made carpet? Do you run it direct from the mains, or through a surge-free plug? Have you been playing inside and got a wire or something to intermittantly short-out on the case?

At any rate you'd better sort it b4 you blow something expensive.

  Djohn 17:00 25 Nov 2003

Agree with above. It's most likely static from your description, but unless you can tell the difference, best not to use at all until tested by a competent person. j.

  Cretin07 17:04 25 Nov 2003

will try some more ideas. thanksd all for help.

  Stuartli 17:05 25 Nov 2003

Have you checked the mains plug and that the wiring is secure?

Static can also damage computer components so, as already pointed out, best be safe than sorry - you can't see electricity coming!

  Diemmess 17:16 25 Nov 2003

There must be a faulty connection with "earth".

It may be that the socket has a faulty earth connection or even further back in the house system.

In spite of constant change in electrical safety regs. there is sadly always something to go wrong.

Any measurable voltage is always relative to something else. Your case should have a sound connection to earth, but while it is not something to rely on it is possible that YOU are heavily charged and feel the shock when you earth your charge via the case of your computer.
As Plankton implies it is possible to build up a charge, by moving around on a nylon carpet. That is why all the maintenance instructions insist on proper earthing before meddling with the chips.

Get your Computer checked p.d.q.

  Meshuga 19:22 25 Nov 2003

Cretin07 No matter what is causing you getting shocks I agree with Diemmess that there has got to be an open circuit in your earth or a high resistance in same. Its esential you get it fixed
before using the pc.Meshuga.

  A_World_Maker 19:55 25 Nov 2003

check all the posts on your mobo, to make sure they are now grounding.... if in doubt, change them to plastic ones, if they are different... As the case is earthed by default... could it be static from your monitor?

Check that your plug, only has a 5amp fuse... even if you have mcb's

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