Elder Scrolls IV - oblivion - Graphics

  SmugFocker 16:25 28 Apr 2006

Friend said this was good so got it today. Never really been in to RPGs..

When I start it up and Patrick Stewart (Sounds like him anyway) starts speaking, parts the picture doesn't change while other parts do.

It's like the screens separated into 19 parts all redrawing at different times.

Any help on how to overcome this? - Haven't even started with the game yet.

AND 64 3400, 1GB Ram, 6600 LE 256MB graphics, XP home.

  Totally-braindead 16:40 28 Apr 2006

I think you'd better read this click here its from a posting in speakers corner. It appears this game requires the most powerful graphics card of any game yet written and from what they say your graphics card will not cut the mustard as it were. The only suggestion I can offer is to try cutting down the resolution and anything else you can think of till you can get it playable. I bought a new graphics card last month and I would be struggling to play it as well from what the article says.

  SmugFocker 16:42 28 Apr 2006

Thanks T-B - On the box it says 128MB 3D graphic ansd the 6600 is supported.

What a bum deal!

  dazza39 16:54 28 Apr 2006

Yeah you need 256Meg max,i gotta get my MOBO updated before i can even play it,lol,plus processor

  Totally-braindead 17:10 28 Apr 2006

I'm afraid its a case of the game producer underrating the computer needed to run the game. They don't lie, but what they do is list the absolute minimum requirements which will play the game, with some games if you have the minimum requirements it jerks so badly even with everything off that the game is all but unplayable, in my opinion at least. I always check the requirements and if I'm not WELL above the minimum I don't buy it. You could try some tweaks such as the Omega graphics card drivers, when you install them they give you the option of performance or quality and in your case the performance setting will be best. I'm not saying it will improve it enough to stop the problems you are having but it may help. click here

  Cybermaxx 17:47 28 Apr 2006

What screen resolution are you running the game at? these benchmarks suggest that you'll be lucky to get away with 800 x 600, using that 6600LE.

click here

6600GT is a much better performer than a 6600LE.....

  SmugFocker 20:39 28 Apr 2006

Cybermax, 800x600 is what the game recommended and since the into it's been fine. No probs at all. It was the FMV stuff at the beginning it didn't like.

Totally-Braindead - Thank for the tips.

Final question - Is it worth overclocking my graphice card?

  keef66 23:01 28 Apr 2006

not worth the risk overclocking a 6600LE, and the performance gain would be miniscule.

Coincidentally read an article on Tom's Hardware Guide today in which only a X1900xtx would run the game at playable frame rates with all the details turned on!

  Tinkey Winkey 08:02 29 Apr 2006

Elder the scrolls is currently the most demanding game you can get.
Basically you need to get the most expensive Graphics Card you can afford !

  Cybermaxx 19:43 29 Apr 2006

Glad I don't like RPGs, tbh, so I don't feel any desire to upgrade for this game!

  citadel 20:53 29 Apr 2006

I have avoided rpg's but I thought I would give oblivion a try as it scored 95% in both the leading games mags. I find the game is excellent with lots to do.

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