eisystems laptop won't start!

  Jezz Bristol 13:28 26 Sep 2008

I have been having a few problems with an EISystems laptop, a 3100 model and so went to the Microsoft updates site, downloaded and installed the updates recommended including SP3 and now the laptop will not start up. I press the power button and I get a brief whirr from the cd drive and the cd light comes on for maybe a second and then it all shuts down again.
Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to remedy this? I have tried on mains power, on battery, I have diconnected mains and removed battery and reinstalled it and nothing helps.
It probably is not worth taking to a professional but I cannot afford a new one!

Thanks in anticipation.

  version8 14:30 26 Sep 2008

Is it still under warranty?

  Jezz Bristol 14:47 26 Sep 2008

I got this one from someone else so have no manuals discs warranties or anything!

  baldydave 15:30 26 Sep 2008

Try removing the battery completely and with this removed try using mains power as it may be a internal battery fault.

  Jezz Bristol 18:34 26 Sep 2008

wont power up at all with battery removed

  baldydave 22:10 26 Sep 2008

Just a thought is the mains adaptor working have you got a voltage on the connector on the end?
Have you got a meter to test it?
This would explain start up and shut down with battery attached as proberly just enough juice in the battery to start pc,and no power when battery disconnected as no power from mains.

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