EISA Configuration

  iqs 15:47 03 Aug 2008


When I view my C: in computer management,the single partition has a small partition of 4.2GB FAT 32,Healthy (EISE Configuration )

I know what ISA or EISA slots are,my PC does not have these legacy slots.

So what is the partition for.


  chub_tor 15:59 03 Aug 2008

A partition of that size is almost certainly there so that you can recover your system files in the event of a catastrophic failure. When a PC is supplied without the original OS discs the manufacurer usually supplies a form of the OS on a hidden partition.

  iqs 16:21 03 Aug 2008

Hello chub_tor,

My PC was supplied with the original XP OS disc.

Your comments reminded me that my PC has PC Angel installed,I only used it once over 18 months ago.Forgot about it.I use Acronis .

That explains the partition ,the older I get the less I recall .

Many thanks

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