Egg timer always there

  Ian in Northampton 11:42 07 Jan 2012

This has started to bug me out of all proportion to what it should...

Just about whatever I'm doing, the 'egg timer' is almost always appearing, sometimes for several seconds, sometimes just for one, as you would expect it to be if the system was waiting, with some application using a large amount of CPU and/or memory.

Yet: I've checked in Task Manager and there is nothing untoward: it's all normal, with the System Idle Process invariably taking more than 95% of the CPU cycles. I've looked at the CPU usage history graph and, while, as you might expect, there are occasional usage spikes, these don't coincide with the hour glass timer appearing.

I'd say performance wasn't affected - certainly not noticeably - so it's an annoyance rather than a problem. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts (short, of course, of a fresh install...)

  Ian in Northampton 21:19 09 Jan 2012

Thanks wee eddie. I'm going to bottom out the HP wireless thing before I look at other stuff. I'll certainly add your suggestion to the list.

  Snrub 02:04 10 Jan 2012

Chronus - pun (sic) LOL

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