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Efficient Driver-checking application for Windows

  tallboy 14:47 19 May 2017

For a long time I have used Driver Genius for keeping my drivers up to date. However, earlier today, I noticed that Windows was warning me that my C: drive (an SSD) was getting full - too full for safe working. I then used TreeSize to see where all the space was being used and discovered that Driver Genius had two Program Data files that were over 20GB each! I promptly moved these to my hard drive and un-installed Driver Genius. I now need a much more efficient driver-checking application. Has anyone got any recommendations as to what to use? Thanks.

  Burn-it 18:15 19 May 2017

Drive or DriveR??] The two are different beasts.

  tallboy 20:07 19 May 2017

Thanks for the posts. I should have said Driver Genius 17 (I used to use Driver Genius 16) for checking on driver status every few months. OK, I guess it a bit easier to let a driver program run through all the drivers rather than doing each one manually via the control panel. (Apart from those that Windows Update changes.) You are continually reminded in the press to keep drivers up to date - hence the use of Driver Genius 17. Thanks for the tip on not defragging SSDs MJS Warlord - I was aware of this. In fact most recent de-fragging programs I have encountered can tell if the drive is an SSD and hence do not defag it.

  alanrwood 20:44 19 May 2017

IOBit Driver Booster Free does a pretty good job.

  alanrwood 09:07 20 May 2017

This is certainly a subject that exposes differing views.

  tallboy 11:25 20 May 2017

Thanks for the posts everyone. I have used IOBit Driver Booster in the past; maybe I'll give it another go. Driver Genius 17 worked fine, but Product Data files it created were huge. This maybe because I had used it for a number of years; it seemed to store up every driver under the sun rather than just the ones you need. When you uninstall it, the routine does not wipe out the Product Data, so you are left with several GB of unnecessary files to remove manually.

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