Effectiveness of File shredding software?

  hatrickj 10:19 12 Mar 2010

How effective are such programs in making files irrecoverable to more than the normal computer user?

Which ones, free and paid, are the best to use?

  MAJ 10:22 12 Mar 2010

Is this a school project, hatrickj?

  hatrickj 10:30 12 Mar 2010

@MAJ. Why the question; are you trying to be insulting?

  MAJ 10:35 12 Mar 2010

Of course not, hatrickj, it just sounded as if someone was trying to do a school project on the subject without doing their own research.

  hatrickj 11:07 12 Mar 2010


It was a genuine question. Has any research been done then on the matter?

IMO too often what one sees on the web about any software are copied publishers' blurbs.

  hatrickj 11:09 12 Mar 2010

BTW I'm more suited to courses at U3A than school. lol

  Terry Brown 12:27 12 Mar 2010

The only sure way to make a file 'unrecoverable' is to remove the harddrive and hammer a large nail through it!.

All normal 'software' ways of permantly removing a file are, with the right equipment, recoverable.

Listed are a few of the options you can try.
click here


  hatrickj 13:19 12 Mar 2010

//All normal 'software' ways of permanently removing a file are, with the right equipment, recoverable.//

But I suppose it depends what one has on the computer, the desire of someone to get the info, and the equipment's affordability.

Thanks for link

  jimv7 13:20 12 Mar 2010

This shredder is 100% effective click here

  Input Overload 14:06 12 Mar 2010

jimv7, that may bit a little over the top for standard deletion, but I must say is 100% effective. ;-)

  hatrickj 16:07 12 Mar 2010

lol with added choking noises.

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