Effective Pixels?

  Sapins 10:35 29 Jun 2003

I have just read an advert for system with a digital camera included which has 2.2million "Effective" pixels. What are they and why do I get the feeling this is a bit of a con?



  Diemmess 11:44 29 Jun 2003

I share your scepticism.......Sounds like sales-speak for "nearly as good as"!

Another line which used to be used a lot when advertising scanners said something like 300 d.p.i (600 interpolated). To me it would have been more honest to say "guessed".

  Diemmess 15:45 29 Jun 2003

OK It is good for the soul to recognise that this is being honest and not deceptive at all.

  Sapins 08:23 30 Jun 2003

Thanks for your input folks, I have a Friend who is considering buying a digital camera so he can relax if this is mentioned in the spec.
Thanks again,

Regards, Sapins.

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