EEEKK..motherboard driver help URGENT please!!

  spanneress 20:39 18 Apr 2004

I am working on a pc to be returned tomorrow--not been fun from the start but have now put 2k on,it is a happy (er) bunny other than the VGA is a Gigabyte Tech motherboard running a PIII 800MhZ chip, the board model is a 601-686b, and try as I might I cannot find a driver..only have 16 colours on the monitor and the customers want their endearin picture of their grandson back on the desk top when I return it. The only reference I can find on the Gig web site is for a 686b board which houses an Athlon.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours in a pulling out of hair stylee....spanner.

  pipedream 21:06 18 Apr 2004

Had a look on the web and I think this is actually a MSI-6368? Can you check again and if this is the case, you can download a VGA driver here... click here

  Eric10 21:06 18 Apr 2004

The number that you quote doesn't seem to relate to a Gigabyte motherboard. Gigabyte model numbers always start with GA followed by a number. If you can't see a number like this on the motherboard then download Aida32 click here or Belarc Advisor click here either of which will reveal the model number for you. You should then be able to download the driver from the Gigabyte website.

  pipedream 21:18 18 Apr 2004

P.S. there is a picture of the 6368 click here - may help you identify it.

  spanneress 21:23 18 Apr 2004

That appears to be the one...I am relying on Sisoft to give me the details and the numbers I quoted are all it gives me and I really couldn't be bothered to dismatle the whole thing again..I have tried all my motherboard CD resource discs and the VGA is the only component not playing ball.

Thanks chaps will shiftie on over and give that a go.

Is SiSoft usually this ambiguous?


  Eric10 21:30 18 Apr 2004

I haven't used SiSoft for ages now. Both the programs I linked to give all the information I need. Balarc even reports the version of my motherboard.

  spanneress 21:31 18 Apr 2004 just goes to show you *can* teach an old dog new tricks....what fantastic little apps! Thank have just made life sooo much easier for me. I cannot belive I didn't know they existed. Just loading them onto said PC now....


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