Eeeekk! Trojan incoming!

  [DELETED] 11:46 13 Sep 2003

My NAV advised me of 2 infected files at boot up this morning. It was unable to repair them & their website gave no clues.

This trojan does not appear to have a specific name..just Trojan.

The 2 quarantined files are 'bootconf.exe' & 'msinfo.exe'. Are they important?

Repairs don't seem possible at the moment so what about a Roxio Goback?


  [DELETED] 11:53 13 Sep 2003

'bootconf.exe' - click here

Try going back to a point before they arrived. You should be able to search through the GoBack lists to see where they might have been picked up from...

Right click the system tray icon and select Advanced Features...

When loaded hold down CTRL and hit F3 enter the name of one of the files. Then let if find it...

I did it and it keeps pointing at Diskeeper entries... See what yours says...

  [DELETED] 11:56 13 Sep 2003

Also see click here

It is not really a "trojan".

  [DELETED] 11:57 13 Sep 2003

click here

Instructions for removal are on this page but you might want to use either

Ad-Aware click here


Spybot click here

might also want to look at Spywareblaster click here to block this sort of thing in future...

  [DELETED] 12:00 13 Sep 2003

Also CoolWeb Sreader click here specifically targets this software...

  [DELETED] 13:39 13 Sep 2003

Whoooppee! A result! Re: this thread & my other slow scrolling/typing one. Used Coolweb Shredder which detected the bugs & killed them.

The only thing is, what about the qurantined infected files in NAV which still can't be repaired?


  [DELETED] 13:45 13 Sep 2003

They are quarantined BECAUSE they can't be repaired. A file can only be repaired if it is an original file INFECTED with a virus. If the file IS the virus then it can't be repaired because theres nothing to repair.

Delete them from the quarantine.

  [DELETED] 13:51 13 Sep 2003

In other words the Trojan was called msinfo & bootconf & they are not actual files critical to the pc operation?


  [DELETED] 13:56 13 Sep 2003


They are not true viruses but Spyware.

A true virus may attach itself to a legitimate Windows file so when the Windows file is run so is the virus. In that case the repair option separates them and deletes the virus part.

  [DELETED] 14:03 13 Sep 2003

Thank you all. Problem solved. 10/10 for Coolweb Shredder.

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