Eee notebook/netbook- Doesit have a recovery option?

  buel 18:13 25 Jan 2012

Hi, My friend has recently had all sorts of problems with his little Eee netbook running XP. He is wiped everything off there and installed XP from an OEM CD so now has no sound and no wireless capability, i suspect down to not having the right drivers? I would like to use a recovery partition if it had one. Am i right in thinking that if i go to 'My Computer', the recovery partition would show there? Please help if you can- B

  Secret-Squirrel 18:22 25 Jan 2012

".....Am i right in thinking that if i go to 'My Computer', the recovery partition would show there?"

Not necessarily as it may be hidden. However, if there is a recovery partition then you'll be able to see it in XP's Disk Management Console:

Type diskmgmt.msc into XP's Run box then click OK. When the console opens you'll see the netbook's fixed disk along with all its partitions. If apart from C: you see a relatively small one, perhaps with no drive letter, then it's probably the recovery partition

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 25 Jan 2012

Are these the drivers he needs? see here

  buel 18:40 25 Jan 2012

Bugger. Just the C Drive im afraid.

When it restarts, i get the messages:

Asus ACPI Service Missing Audio driver, audio hot key is void. please install audio driver Missing TouchPad Driver, Touchpad switch hot key is void. please install TouchPad driver Missing VGA Driver, Display switch hot key is void. please install VGA Driver

Fruit Bat, you seem to be somewhat of a God!! I sha;ll try them now....

  buel 19:06 25 Jan 2012

Hi, Well i've got sound (Whoo hoo!) But i have run the Wlan driver but still do not have wireless and i have turned on the Wireless (F2) too.

Any ideas please?

  buel 19:07 25 Jan 2012

Ps- i downloaded the 'Azurewave' zip file/driver.

  mooly 19:13 25 Jan 2012

Isn't there a support site for this product ?

Download and read the user manual which I would guess details what the recovery options are.

Recovery partitons usually show in disk management console (don't quote me on that for x.p. though). Right click "computer" and select manage and go to disk storage. If there is a recovery partition is will be small, probably 5 gb or less.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:27 25 Jan 2012

Buel, you may have better luck getting your drivers from the manufacturer's website - see here. The page has four options which'll help you get all the correct drivers for your exact model.

Good luck.

  buel 19:58 25 Jan 2012

Hi, Thanks for that. Unfortunately i downloaded all 3 options for the relevant laptop (901) and still no wireless? Grrrrr.

  buel 20:02 25 Jan 2012

Strangely, when i type in the serial number, choose XP and i get put through to a page marked 'Eee PC 901/Linux' which there are no wireless drivers?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:34 26 Jan 2012

That's a disappointment as downloading the correct drivers should have worked :(

Type devmgmt.msc into XP's "Run" box then click OK. When Device Manager opens, expand the "Network Adapters" section. Is the wireless adapter listed at all? If it is then double-click on it and let us know what it says under "Device Status".

If you don't find anything there then is it listed in the "Other Devices" section?

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