EEC and NON EEC memory.

  skiddaw 20:15 14 Dec 2003

Will someone let me know what the difference is between eec & non eec memory please, and could you use eec mem: when the mother board manual states non eec?

  minter 20:44 14 Dec 2003

EEC memory is mainly used by servers, is more expensive than non-EEC.

It has the ability to check itself for errors and correct them, but for the ordinary bloke in the street is an unnecessary expense, as non-EEC is good enough for your run of the mill computer.

Yes, you can use EEC memory in your computer but it would be pointless as unless it is capable of utilising EEC memory it will be a waste of your money.

  Spark6 20:48 14 Dec 2003


Don't know if the following helps, it refers to ECC and not EEC.
ECC is error correcting, hard coded into the RAM chips. This type of RAM is more expensive and is used mainly in 'mission-critical' systems.

It can be installed if the system motherboard supports it.

  CODEYE 00:58 16 Dec 2003

I am adding extra RIMMS to my computer. I e-mailed SAMSUNG with the same question you are asking and received a reply next day quoting "you can mix ECC and NON-ECC but in that case the ECC function will not be supported, it is recommended not to mix the row access times unless your mother-board has a compatiblity issue"
They asked for my mother-board details and sent me next day information on what i could do adding extra RIMMS, part nos. etc.
Full marks to SAMSUNG for their help.

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