EE Bright Box Wireless Router

  buckland 2 16:18 20 Mar 2013

Can I have my EE Bright Box Wireless Router wire connected to my Desktop PC AND a Belkin N300 Micro USB Wireless Adapter plugged in at the same time? Should I disconnect one or the other or leave them connected? Also can I assume that the Belkin N300 ios compatible with the Bright Box. Many thanks Buckland2.

  mgmcc 16:43 20 Mar 2013

Not quite sure what you're asking here. The purpose of a router is to "route" network and internet traffic to multiple computers in a network.

Normally, if your Desktop PC is connected by ethernet cable to the router, you would then connect a second device with your USB Wireless Network Adapter.

If you are asking whether your desktop PC can have both "wired" and "wireless" connections running simultaneously, the answer is "Yes", but it won't really be of any benefit because one adapter will have priority.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 20 Mar 2013

Yes you can have both wire and wireless both connections active at the same time but you won't see any difference in speed.

I have the wireless deactivated in my desktop and just connect by cat5 cable to the router.

Wireless is used to connect the laptop, kindle and kids smart phones.

  buckland 2 21:10 21 Mar 2013

Many thanks to mgmcc and to fruit bat. Information that Wired Connection and Wireless adapter can exist together. The cable connection would be enough for me but the reason I wanted reassurance for working both installations is that when my two sons visit me with various attendant grand-children they always have lap-tops, Blackberries, Galaxies and various other pieces of gadgetry far beyond my comprehension. Hopefully the provision of a Wireless Adaptor may assist keeping them all amused in presumably my own Wi-Fi- area. Thanks again. Buckland.

  difarn 08:44 22 Mar 2013

I'm not sure whether I am reading this correctly. I have a Brightbox with two desktop PC's connected by ethernet, both with their wifi disabled. I then have two laptops, a Blackberry and Kindle connected wirelessly. You don't need to have a usb adapter plugged into the Brightbox for anything to be connected wirelessly. When your sons activate the wifi on their laptops etc your network will appear as an available network. After clicking on connect they will be asked for the passcode. This is on the card that you will have been given with your Brightbox and on the bottom of the Brightbox.

  buckland 2 20:37 22 Mar 2013

Thank you difarn for your response but have to let you know and also to mgmcc and fruit bat that I sent my query to EE/Orange and have today received a reply from which I quote as follows:- "...It is only possible to have one internet connection either wired or wireless you cannot connect them both at the same time....". In view of this I think I am missing the point here as I had hoped to connect both as I assumed that if I get a Lap-Top I should need to have the Wireless Adapter. Hoping for a visit from a son with grand-children and their gadgetry soon as they know far more than I do. At least I shall have the Belkin Wireless Adapter handy if it is required. Many thanks to all. Regards, Buckland.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:49 22 Mar 2013

"...It is only possible to have one internet connection either wired or wireless you cannot connect them both at the same time...."

They mean to the same machine

I'm with Orange now EE

You cannot have two connections to the same PC as one will override the other.

You can have more than one device coupled to your router either by cable or wireless.

I have two permanent connections by cable to the router one is to the Pc the other is via homeplugs to the Humax box for internet TV Iplayer etc.

I can be here on the forum and the wife can be watching a program on iplayer downstairs at the sametime.

Sometimes I have the laptop or kindle coupled by wireless at the same time.

When the kids visit there are at lest 3 smart phones couple by wireless to the router as well as the above.

If we all try to download together we have to share the 8Mbs speed. All that happens is it slows down how fast stuff is downloaded to each unit.

  difarn 11:55 23 Mar 2013

I echo what Fruit Bat has said.

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