EDO Ram?

  Newuser579 15:14 21 Jun 2003

I've inherited old PC bits & for experience was planning to put them together. I understand it uses 72 pin RAM, & I have none. I thought I'd buy some 2nd hand as the assembled PC will be worth almost nothing, I won't need it & so I don't want any big expense. But only see EDO 72 pin sticks. Is this the right stuff? Do I need several matching sticks? As I said it's only to play at assembly, to give me confidence to try building a usefull PC

  Agent Smith 15:17 21 Jun 2003

My first PC had 1 stick of EDO 16Megs. 166MMX cost me a £1,000 6 years ago.

  Big Elf 15:21 21 Jun 2003

If you mail me your address and are prepared to wait a few days I might be able to get hold of some of this (for free). It's probably only around 32MB and normally has to be fitted in pairs.

  DieSse 17:43 21 Jun 2003

It's not possible to tell from your information whether you need EDO (Extended Data Out) or FPM (Fast Page Mode) RAM. Do you have a motherboard manual, or a model/make for it, so that it could be looked up?

  DieSse 17:45 21 Jun 2003

I should have added, FPM RAM usually works in all systems, whilst EDO RAM will only work in those specified to use it.

  Newuser579 11:39 22 Jun 2003

I think I'm a little bit wiser, & Big Elf's offer is fantastic!

  Agent Smith 19:37 01 Jul 2003

Several people selling EDO memory in Micro Mart am I allowed to mention that here?

  Big Elf 19:50 01 Jul 2003

I have to admit total embarrassment and have let Newuser579 down. I fitted the RAM (originally costing £230) from my old PC into a friends(?) PC and gave him back his original chips. The 'silly boy' (slighly stronger words than that were used) has now lost them.

Once again Newuser579 I'm sorry.

Agent Smith - I have also recommended Micro Mart. It can be a good source of cheap kit.

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