Editing Video from Sony DCR-SR35E (Hybrid HDD)

  bernvs 11:56 22 Jul 2013

Our family video Camera (Sony DCR-SR35E) came with ImageMixer Version 1.5 for Sony. Time has moved on and this version says for use up to Windows XP. We are now running Windows 7 on desktop and Vista on Laptop. The ImageMixer web site (www.imagemixer.com) says it will be stopping customer support in September 2013 and makes no reference to upgrades. Will version 1.5 be OK or can you recommend an alternative either free or reasonably priced.

  hastelloy 14:46 22 Jul 2013

There is a lot to choose from see here or if you want to pay try these. I use Adobe Premiere Elements and find it very good and easy to use.

You will probably get differing opinions as, in the end, it comes down to personal choice. I don't like Magix but I know some people swear by it.

Unless you're doing a lot of video editing, I'd try some of the free ones. If they don't work for you see if you can get a free trial of some of the paid for ones.

  bernvs 20:14 07 Aug 2013

To Marvin 42. Sorry this response is late but I have just returned from a 2 week holiday. Thank you for the 2 lists. I hadn't thought about Windows Live Movie Maker which is on my Windows 7 Computer. I have always used the Image Maker before and did not consider what was in the program files. Will give it a whirl in the next few days and let you know how I get on. Meanwhile I will leave this open for any other response for another week.

  bernvs 15:42 25 Aug 2013

All sorted now. Thank you

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