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  pgj 20:31 06 Nov 2011

I have a Panasonic VDR-D300 video cam. I am running Widows 7 basic and Office 2010. I can save the contents of a disc via my recorder to my PC. The files seem to be divided up so that when I stop a new file is opened but if I paused the recording only one file is created. My problem is that I have tonight tried to edit my recordings into separate files or at least that’s what I wanted to do. However, when I open a file with Widows Movie Maker the clip there available for editing only last to the first edit point and I cannot see to edit the other parts following that first pause. First can anyone help and let me know why this is. 2) Is there and easy to use free video editor any one would recommend. I basically want to edit family videos taking out some bits, divide them up into different set pieces and in some case have hobby clips I can load up to YouTube. Many thanks

  pgj 18:39 07 Nov 2011

Hi and thanks for the help. But all sounds a bit Double Dutch to me. I thought I'd got a video camera I could just point and shot with and then upload to my computer and edit. I do know I have to finalise discs. I’ve found the only way I can get them on my PC is straight from the camera as they will not play in my pc DVD/disc reader. I'm using DVD-R 1m4 GB video discs and DVD-RW. I have items recorded as long ago as 2008 on disc and have ended up giving up every time I have tried to get them on my PC for editing.

"I can save the contents of a disc via my recorder to my PC- is that using supplied software to capture the recording contents?"

I have simply plugged my camera into mu PC and it shows up like an external hard drive I have then just copied the files across. I can play these files perfectly with windows media player but when I open them in movie maker they just don't open completely....

  Terry Brown 13:32 09 Nov 2011

If the files are in any form of Mpeg download Videoredo http://www.videoredo.com/en/Download.htm , there are versions to either edit only or edit and create DVD, all on free trial for 30 days.

This program has the ability to join multipart video together and / or edit out what you do do want, and it is fast.


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