Editing video and audio

  Andy 999 18:21 29 Mar 2003

Hi everyone, I got a bit of a weird problem.

Ok, i made a 4minute video from different clips off things in windows movie maker but i wouldlike to take the sound out of the clips and just have a music song. How can i mute the sound off the clips and add background music?

  JimTigg 18:30 29 Mar 2003

Hi Andy - Make sure the time line is active (View - Timeline) then click the microphone symbol in bottom left of screen - you can mute and record from the dialogue box.

If you want to blend them the button below allows you to balance the two.

Hope this is what you were looking for!

  Andy 999 18:55 29 Mar 2003

the mute video soundtrack is not clickable?!?!?is there something ive done wrong

  JimTigg 22:39 29 Mar 2003

Mute Video seems to work ok on my system (Windows ME) not sure of any reason why not!

Anyone Else?

  Andy 999 22:43 29 Mar 2003

Ok, i managed to follow ur instructions and i have muted my sound(thanks ;-)) but theres one probelm. My files are too big and was hoping to be able to convert them to divx but ive never done it before and would greatly appreciated it if someone guided me through it.


  Andy 999 11:50 30 Mar 2003


  dcarr 17:39 30 Mar 2003

What program are you using for the editing and creating? I have created divx using premeiere 6.5, and some freebie programs. Let me know what you are using and perhaps I can help.

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