Editing scanned information

  cruiser2 14:04 24 Aug 2008

I have been sent several emails. I have printed these and then scanned them. Is there a way to now edit the scanned documents. I want to remove the email addresses and alter or remove some of the original wording.
I want to do this on my PC without having to completely retype the documents.
I am running Windows Xp with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.
Any advice much appreciated

  Peter 14:14 24 Aug 2008


Have you tried Copying and then Pasting the text from the original email into whatever document you are trying to produce. Once you have the Pasted text you can edit it without having to retype everything.


  jack 14:23 24 Aug 2008

Open fully an appropriate mail.
Click on reply.
But delete the address and other unwanted detail.
Then click on File 'Save As' then 'File' then direct it to where ever you want it

  cocteau48 14:40 24 Aug 2008

What you are trying to do is effectively the same as editing a photo. Possible within the constraints of the normal tools available in most picture editing software.
Far better to follow Peter and jack's advice and edit the email in its original form.

  johndrew 14:41 24 Aug 2008

A scanned document is like a photograph and cannot be edited as you want to do it. The best methods are given above.

  DieSse 14:46 24 Aug 2008

Just to explain further

A scan produces a picture - so what you've got is like a photo of some text - not actual characters, as per a normal document.

To convert a picture into editable text you need OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. Most scanners come with some, and you may have installed it. Some scanners allow you to scan into MSWord - which may automatically do the OCR process - you need to look at the Help for OCR in your scanner software.

OCR software looks at the shapes in the scanned picture, and does it's best to recognise what letters they are supposed to be.

Or - as above, simply "Reply" or "Forward" the email, and change the text before you send it.

  AL47 15:40 24 Aug 2008

i had something by abbyy or something, was actually quite good at putting scanned text into word

  cruiser2 16:36 24 Aug 2008

Many thanks. Tried your method and it has work successfully.
To Peter, cocteau48, johnandrew, DieSse and AL47. my thanks. I have kept the information for future reference.
I wish everything was so easy.

  jack 20:01 24 Aug 2008

There is more than one way to do thing on a computer.
Try this may suit you even more.
Open the Mail
Edit /Select All/Copy
Put the window to task bar open your word processor
New Doc.
Right click

From there you can edit
Make a new Para or page
and repeat thus building a single file of the topic.

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