Editing a .reg file to redefine keyboard hotkeys

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 17:22 02 Nov 2004

I have a Belkin Wireless Keyboard & Optical Mouse set, FE8E832, which is very good, but I would like to redefine the hotkey settings.

Unlike other keyboards, there is no software supplied that allows the user to easily do this.

However, whilst searching the 'net for an answer to this, I found a thread in a forum somewhere that stated this could be done by editing the 'magickey.reg' file & then import to the registry.

I have looked at this file, but can't really work how it works in order to achieve this.

Have any of you actually done this or could someone give me some guidance on what parts to edit?

Thanks in advance,


  Pesala 17:45 02 Nov 2004

click here

As you say, the keyboard doesn't seem to be customisable, but perhaps there is an option in Control Panel, keyboard. My 3-button logitech mouse buttons can be customised in that way.

Otherwise, post a few lines of the magickey.reg file here, and see if someone can tell you what bits need to be modified. It might be easier to search the registry and edit the registry keys directly.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I never thought to check in Control Panel, but unfortunately there are no options in there.

I did wonder about pasting a part of the file, but I'm not sure which part would be the most relevant!

It's only a small 25K file, so if anyone does know how to do this I could e-mail it.

  Pesala 19:29 02 Nov 2004

Anyone else want to take a look? click here

Thanks for taking a look at the file and even bigger thanks for putting it on your site, it's much appreciated.



One last bump - any takers? :o)

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