Editing pictures for website (Advice needed)

  STEVE71163 19:28 06 Jul 2003

I have just bought a digital camera and have taken a few pictures that i would like to put on my website. The problem i am having is getting these pictures smaller without losing quality? Also i have microsoft photo editor and paint and also serif photo plus. Which is the best one to use?

  powerless 19:48 06 Jul 2003

What about a smaller image when clicked opens the original larger image?

But to reduce the size:

MS Photo Editor - Open you picture and click, Image, Resize. Put in your dimensions and you'll see the image smaller but as you can see it does not look good.

Paint - As far as i know you cannot resize an image.

Serif PhotoPlus - (i have Version 6) Open your picture and click, image, image size and put in your dimensions. Again you'll see the image smaller but it looks terrible. You can push the sampling to High, this at the bottom. A little improvemnt but it still looks terrible.

Your using Frontpage arent you? Well Insert your picture into your page. Right click the pictre and choose, Picture properties. Put in your dimesions but from my little test just them, It still looks terrible.

With the above you'll have to experiment with your ownm images.

The best to last:

click here and you can resize an image and keep the qaulity that you want (to a point) Open your picture, image, resize/resample and have a play with the size thier. It's alot better than the above.

But the clicking a smaller picture to a larger picture i think is the best way.

  STEVE71163 20:03 06 Jul 2003

Thanks Powerless. I will give that a go and see what happens. When you look at some websites the photos are cristal clear and thats what i am trying to get. Thanks again!

Hows your site comming on?

  powerless 20:07 06 Jul 2003

"Hows your site comming on?"

Slowly - I ony spend time on it at weekends, to tired and i think i'll mess it up during the week.

  STEVE71163 21:26 06 Jul 2003

I know what you mean! I only get a few hours a week because with work and two young children you just feel to tired most of the time.

  Taran 22:23 06 Jul 2003

In Microsoft Paint you can easily resize images.

Click the Image menu on the top toolbar and select the Stretch/Skew command or press Ctrl+W.

Change the percentage values for your horizontal and vertical Stretch parameters and click OK.

Save the file, preferably as a copy of the original (File, Save As) so that you always have the original to fall back on.

Job done.

  powerless 22:46 06 Jul 2003


Ms paint lol - it has a use after all. Never seen sketch/scew.

  Forum Editor 23:32 06 Jul 2003

crystal clear images because they are carefully compressed, and were crystal clear to start with.

The final quality of a jpeg image very much depends on the quality of the original, and professional sites (like the BBC) only work from pin-sharp originals if they can. Another tip is to carefully select images that are not over-fussy with detail.

It's as much an art as a science, and whatever you do don't be tempted to resize an image on the page in a WYSIWYG editor by clicking and dragging the corner. That's a common cause of file sizes being larger than necessary.

  STEVE71163 07:44 07 Jul 2003

Thanks Taran. I have just tried in paint and it has worked great. Thanks again!

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