Editing and joining DVD video

  Lokit 13:37 23 Jun 2006

My daughter has a camcorder which records to 8cm DVD discs.
How can the video be edited and eventually joined and burned to a single DVD.


  GroupFC 13:47 23 Jun 2006

What format is the data on the DVD in, as that will make a difference as to what s/ware can be used for editing? (FYI, see click here)

  johndrew 13:53 23 Jun 2006

If she uses an editor, such as Pinnacle, she can import all the recorded material onto her/your PC and then add the bits together, move them around, add sound tracks and/or music and turn them into what is required prior to burning (or converting them for burning) to DVD.

The process can seem daunting at the outset but if you persevere and do a little at a time it does come together.

  Lokit 14:35 23 Jun 2006


The format is DVD Video.Copying the disks to hard drive results in a folder with the various video-ts and vob files.

  GroupFC 15:14 23 Jun 2006

In that case, as I understand it she will need either to convert the .vob files into a format recognised by video-editing s/ware, or alternatively s/ware capable of importing .vob files.

This is now getting outwith my area of knowledge, but if you have a look at my "click here" (in my posting of 13:47), and then look at the links posted by Woodchip, it might point you in the right direction.

HTH & Good Luck!

  Bagsey 15:16 23 Jun 2006

Back in January or February this year there was a copy of Ulead Media Studio Pro7 video editing program on the freebie disk . I have used this and found it to be very good. You will need a cable to connewct your video camera to your computer. I dont know what camer connections yours has but firewire is common for this. Use the ulead software to capture your video to your HDD. Then start the editing process. Cut out the bad bits shorten so as not to be boring to watch add comentry and music as you wish then use Ulead to burn a DVD.
Like all software there is a learning curve but it is not difficult and worth the effort.
I find the burning software in Ulead very good.
If you need any more help please post back.

  Lokit 15:58 23 Jun 2006


Thanks for that - I'll have a look at the connections etc. when I can get hold of it.

I'll leave this thread open at the moment.

Thanks everyone.

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