Editing ID Tags In Audio Files

  Gaz W 02:14 21 Nov 2004

I used to be able to do this in Explorer, but since installing dBpowerAmp (I think that's what did it) I can't. When I right-click the files in Explorer, select Properties and go to the ID Tag tab, it says "Install Power Pack To Enable Tag Editing". It's as if the program has taken over that part of explorer so that you have to pay for the full power pack!

1. How can I make it so that I can edit my ID tags again?

2. Are they allowed to take away standard features from my operating system so that I'll "have to" buy their power pack?

Thanks in advance,


  ICF 06:53 21 Nov 2004

Do you have winamp installed if not get it here click here and do your tag editing within it.

  Gaz W 17:01 21 Nov 2004

I do have Winamp, but I don't know where to edit the tags from within Winamp!

Also if I remember rightly doesn't Winamp add its own information to the files as well?

  ICF 19:39 21 Nov 2004

Right click on the song within Winmap (ie your playlist window) and select view file info.You can edit to your hearts content now.

Ps I'm not aware that Winamp adds it's own info but I stand corrected if it does.

  Gaz W 21:10 21 Nov 2004

When I do that, I just get a dialogue box appearing giving file information, with an OK button... no way to edit it!

By the way I'm using the latest Winamp if that makes any difference.

  ICF 18:58 22 Nov 2004

When I right click on a song and select VIEW FILE INFO or Alt and 3 key together a window appears with all the file info.If I select a box with the mouse so the cursor is flashing within it I can edit the info

The window heading is MPEG file info box + ID3 tag editor.

  ICF 19:00 22 Nov 2004

Latest version of Winamp which I'm using also is 5.06

  BBez 20:00 22 Nov 2004
  BBez 20:00 22 Nov 2004

heres some freeware ones, click here

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