Editing home videos - what do I need?

  astral traveller 12:52 25 Mar 2006

Hi, I want to transfer to pc and edit some home videos. I have 2 problems to overcome:
1. I suspect my pc - windows xp, AMD Athlon 2400+ 512mb with 80G hard drive - is not up to spec for the task. What spec will I need?

2.Some of my video is on 8mm and some on DV I have both camcorders but non have fire wire in or out - both have phono outputs and the DV camcorder has s video out. Do I need a new camcorder and if so any recomendations?

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:46 25 Mar 2006

s video is a good way to transfer to pc much clear pics, what do u have on pc inputs do u have s vidio in on the rear of pc some do

  astral traveller 13:54 25 Mar 2006

Thanks surfmonkey but no I don't have s video input on pc have usb's

  baldtaco 14:00 25 Mar 2006

I use svid in on a TV capture card.

  surfmonkey #:@} 14:08 25 Mar 2006

then to tranfer video from cam to pc you will need some video file transfer hardware for usb i think belkin make some and this sort of thing click here

  astral traveller 14:18 25 Mar 2006

Surfmonkey thanks, that's certainly a possibility, what about the spec of my pc?

  surfmonkey #:@} 14:21 25 Mar 2006

well you have plenty of space on hd and other should be fine

  astral traveller 13:22 26 Mar 2006

Thanks, I'll give it a go

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