Editing a hard copy scan?

  1936 17:41 21 Dec 2016

I am involved in a correspondence between myself a few others on matters as diverse as History, Politics and Philosophy. When I get an Email communication I can cut and paste it onto my reply and answer or debate points raised. However, if I wish to use something from a printed medium such as a book or pamphlet I am unable to read a sentence and type it accurately onto what I am writing. It may have something to do with the dyslexia I enjoy. I would like to be able to scan, copy and paste pieces from hard copy and then edit them but I have no idea if that is possible.

  john bunyan 18:16 21 Dec 2016

I would Google "Optical Character Readers" - See


Not sure if there are freebies.

  difarn 21:36 21 Dec 2016

You don't say which OS you have but this is how you can do it with Windows 7, Vista and XP using Word 2007 and above.

click here

  1936 22:53 21 Dec 2016

My operating system regrettably is Windows 10 although I'm so frustrated with it that I'm giving serious consideration to buying an iMac. Thank you both very much for the information and which jogged my memory sufficiently to remind me that I did once have a go at using OCR but its a long time ago and was not very accurate.

  difarn 23:16 21 Dec 2016

If you have Word 2007 and above then there should be OCR software called “Microsoft Office Document Imaging.” You could try to see if it works using the link I posted

  1936 11:38 24 Dec 2016

I use Windows 10 within which is packed "OneNote" which among other things offers the opportunity to scan, select, paste and edit via OCR. I know it works because when I first used it a day ago I scanned the page of a book and carried out certain actions which regrettably I did not note the end result of which was a near perfect copy. Since then try as hard as I have I have not been able to make it work with no success so I attempted to uninstall it and start again also with no success. I then attempted to check for Upgrades but a message came up telling me that the Upgrade is a 64 bit and I am with a 32 bit although I was certain that I was with a 64 bit so I’m quite confused. So, can anyone offer me any guidance?

  Forum Editor 11:48 24 Dec 2016

Take a look at this

It explains how to scan a document into OneNote and then edit it, or copy text to your clipboard.

  Forum Editor 11:50 24 Dec 2016

Here is the update for your 32bit version of Windows 10.

  1936 11:56 24 Dec 2016

Many thanks.

  1936 17:19 24 Dec 2016

Many thanks Editor where you give me the update for my 32bit version of Windows 10. I thought I should check and found that my system is supposed to be a 64bit and wonder where that leaves me.

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