Editing film on DVD

  AroundAgain 22:24 28 Jul 2010

Running Win XPSP3

I want to edit some cine films that are now on DVD. It seems the files are VOB. Windows Media Player doesn't play them well, neither can I get them to open in Windows Movie Maker.

I have been told they need 'converting' but I don't know how to do this, what files they need to be.

There seems to be some reasonable free downloadable software available for editing so could someone please suggest what I need to be able to do the conversion of files, what to convert to, what software I should get and how to do it etc.

I've never done any movie editing before


  AL47 22:28 28 Jul 2010

if its standard dvd format with ifo files etc id use handbrake

  woodchip 23:01 28 Jul 2010

They need to be changed from Vob to Mpeg2 or plain mpeg. free converter hear in list click here

  eedcam 05:43 29 Jul 2010

If you just want to cut bits out or join up then dvd shrink is free and no need to convert anything.
click here
If that suits your needs I'll walk you through it

  AroundAgain 10:04 29 Jul 2010

Thanks, folks, for all you suggestions. I'm very grateful. I am reading up on them a bit and, I'm hoping, will download one and try out over the weekend, to see if it does what I want to do.

The softward sounds promising but I'm still not sure what I'm doing! The converting of files is the first confusion, I suppose. Once I have the files in an 'editable' format, I want to take lengths of the film and match with other lengths of film, so get the same sort of stuff together and in sequence, if you see what I mean? Sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well.

When choosing what format I want, can you tell me what I should go for. I will want to burn to DVD, watch on DVD player, MP3 player as video (MP4?)

Perhaps you can take me this /these steps further please.

Think I'm making progress though, thanks to you guys

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