Editing a CSS File

  powerless 20:47 21 Mar 2004

I use DVD Collection from click here

Once you've entered all the information you can export to a HTML file which has a CSS file to acompany it.

This is what you get when uploading to some web space click here

Two CSS files:



I want to be able to edit these files to stretch the information of each DVD across the page and maybe a little more colour...

How would I do that because those css files mean nothing to me.

  Taran 21:27 21 Mar 2004

CSS is not the easiest thing to get a handle on in short order.

The actual page references the dvdcollector.css file in its source for the bulk of the page content. The second css file is activated by a JavaScript.

dvdcollector.css contains the bulk of the page format while the second file contains the narrow left and bottom page panel areas.

I can point you in the direction of some good CSS resources if you like, or if you detail what it is you want to do and offer a page with content on it as a basis for comparison I'll be able to rework the code for you.

It's always difficult to look at an empty page and dream up changes based on your desire to "...stretch the information of each DVD across the page and maybe a little more colour..."

Actual content would go some way to helping solve the problem.

  powerless 21:35 21 Mar 2004

Content is there Taran click the arrow.

Takes me about 30 minutes to source all info and enter it - Oh it will only be available to me by the way - But for you to see it i had to upload it.

  powerless 18:41 23 Mar 2004

I think its obviouis what I want or is it? :-(

  PurplePenny 20:15 23 Mar 2004

"I think its obviouis what I want or is it?"

It wasn't immediately ... but I think I know :-) You're not talking about the page that you linked to - you mean the second page - the one that comes up once a film is selected.

Do you mean that you want the table to spread out across the page? The problem at the moment is that the width of that table is fixed at 500px. You can alter the .css so that the table will stretch across the screen but I'm not sure whether that is going to help. Isn't there anywhere in the software itself that you can adjust the final display?

Here's the DIY quick fix:

In dvdcollector.css find "table.general {....."

In that find "width: 500px;" and change it to "width: 90%;"

(There may be more that needs adjusting, I only had a quick glance at the html and css.)

I think though, that you would be better off finding out whether you can do it via the software. Have you had a look at the Crunchymedia users' forum?

click here


  powerless 21:09 23 Mar 2004

DOH...Yes not the page i linked and yes the other pages when you click on the arrow.

Changing it to 90% has done it and there were a few others to change as well.

There is no options in the software and the forum search revelaed nothing.

Ummm what about colour?

  PurplePenny 22:52 23 Mar 2004

For everything you need to know about colours in HTML see the W3schools site:

click here

(in the css file look for a hex number preceded by a # e.g. #FFFFFF)

The W3schools site is a great place to get started on CSS.


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