Editing CAB files and Windows 95 TCP/IP settings

  [DELETED] 09:54 14 Dec 2003

We have a family network based on a router, linking computers running Windows 95, 98 and Me, a network printer and a cable modem. However, recently our router has ceased working properly. Currently, we need to change network TCP/IP settings each time we want to switch connections between the internet and local devices. This is very tedious, particularly on the Windows 95 computer. When settings were changed, it first called for the Windows 95 CD-ROM to be inserted. It then reported that an existing file being copied, Secur32.dll, is older than the file currently on the computer, and it was necessary to ask it to keep the updated version. Then the computer needed to be restarted.
I copied the CAB files from the Windows 95 CD-ROM to a hard drive, but initially I could not get the system to look there first for files. I then found a site on the internet that said that for Windows Me, changing the registry key for the "SourcePath" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup would resolve this; changing this key also seems to work for Windows 95 without problem.
1 Is it possible to avoid the pantomime of reinstalling the same files and restarting the computer just to change the TCP/IP settings?
2 I would very much like to be able to edit my copies of CAB files on the hard drive, because:
a This should eliminate the risk of accidentally overwriting the updated version of Secur32.dll, and any other updated files I identify, with their original versions;
b This would avoid another delay when changing TCP/IP settings.
Is it feasible to edit CAB files in this way, and if so which programs could do it? WinZip seems unable to edit the files.

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