Edited photos in Picasa 2

  Yimbo 13:26 14 Sep 2005

Having edited a batch of photos from "My Pictures" in Windows XP using Picasa 2 (which I've found very versatile) how do I get the edited photos from Picasa 2 back into "My Pictures" again? Appreciate any help! Thanks!

  vinnyT 13:36 14 Sep 2005

I think it automatically saves them to the same location, ie My Pictures.

I just tried editing a pic and it was saved automatically when I exited.

Someone else may know better.

  Yimbo 13:44 14 Sep 2005

Thanks - but this isn't happening with my photos. I've got the original (unedited) photos - but not the edited version!

  MAJ 13:52 14 Sep 2005

Do a search of your hard drive for them (if you remember what you renamed the edited versions to), you might have a different folder selected in preferences for saving the edited photos.

  Simsy 14:18 14 Sep 2005

but from memory, I think what you have to do is "Export" the image from the file menu.

Picassa doesn't keep an "edited" version of the picture... it keeps the original picture with a set of instructions on how to edit it. it uses these instructions to display the picture within picassa...

If you really want the picture to be edited you "export" the picture and picassa then aplys those instructions and creates a new image where you want it.

(That's from memory so apologies if I'm slightly wrong!)



  Denis-174866 16:48 14 Sep 2005

After editing your photos in Picasa 2 simply click on file, then click on save a copy it will automatically save a copy to your pics folder.

  Yimbo 17:06 14 Sep 2005

Success! Thanks to you all! The images need to be dropped and held in picture tray - then exported to My Pictures! Easy when you know how - or you good folk tell me!!

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