Edit a CD

  Graham ® 10:25 10 Jun 2006

I have a CD back-up of a vinyl album that was recorded live. This means there is one continuous track. Is it possible to insert gaps between songs?

  Fellsider 11:15 10 Jun 2006

You will need some software that cleans up the recording and has the ability to separate the tracks.

One such is click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:15 10 Jun 2006
  wint 13:16 10 Jun 2006

This is mentioned in Fruit Bat /\0/\'s link, Audacity from Sourceforge click here is a neat and clever little audio editing programme. I works a bit like a cut down Adobe Audition and Audacity is free.

  Graham ® 14:34 10 Jun 2006

I've installed Audacity. It does not open audio CD files. I need to convert to MP3, I assume?

  wint 18:23 10 Jun 2006

Sorry, never thought to mention, you will need to rip the CD to a WAV or MP3 file to be able to edit it within Audacity.

  woodchip 18:26 10 Jun 2006

Only by using other software to rip and re-burning the music can you do it

  Graham ® 18:48 10 Jun 2006

Thanks, I appreciate I will have to burn a new CD once I've edited the original. I'm getting quite excited about using Audacity!

wint, I've ripped the CD to WAV, not sure I've used the best program though - Precision CD WAV. It's only a trial.

  wint 20:23 10 Jun 2006

The easiest programme to rip CDs to either WAV or MP3 is Real Player. Lots of people don't like Real Player because it likes to put additional software on your system but if you un-tick all the boxes you don't want, it shouldn't be a problem, it isn't on my machines at home or work.

In options you can change the file format (WAV, MP3 Real Audio etc) and the bit-rate, in MP3, I use 224Kbps.

I would choose WAV for editing purposes, and then burn it back to CD.

An alternative to Real Player is Audiograbber which certainly does MP3 and I think also WAV. It also does not appear to contain spyware. click here

  wint 20:24 10 Jun 2006

Forgot to say, if "Precision CD WAV" worked, that's OK.

  Graham ® 17:04 11 Jun 2006

Precision worked, and I can now seperate the tracks with Audacity.

The next problem is burning them to CD. Audacity mentions Nero, but that doesn't recognise WAV.

I've tried Ace-High CD burner, but it gets the tracks mixed up.

Any suggestions for burning WAV files to CD, or converting back to CDA?

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