an edit buttton??

  neghness 18:14 13 Jun 2004

not entirely on topic, and i'm not sure if its ever been mentioned before, but we could really do with an edit post button, so we can correct typos on posts, without needing to make a new reply to a topic.
any one else agree, or get any other ideas that would be useful on the forum??

  wawadave 18:22 13 Jun 2004

I think it would be an excellent tool!

  Eric10 18:26 13 Jun 2004

Fully agree, and also a preview button so we can see if our links are messed up before finally posting.

  Pesala 19:20 13 Jun 2004

It would slow down the forum with much more access to the servers as people previewed and edited their posts. This forum is unlike most others. Posts flood in at 1 a minute.

Use an edit box spell-checker like iespell, tinyspell, or Aspell (in Opera), and copy URLs rather than typing them. If you do make a mistake, just post again to correct it if you think you must, but people understand that very long links sometimes go awry. Some people use click here to make shorter links to post here.

For long posts, use notepad, and save to disk, just in case the connection goes down before you can post it.

  neghness 20:40 13 Jun 2004

yeah, but even if it isn't to correct typos, it can be used to add more info, which you forgot in your first, which will, overall, cut down the amount of actual posts, from typos and missed out info
any one else got an opinion??

  powerless 20:46 13 Jun 2004

If PCA wanted an edit button there would already be one here.

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