Edit 2000 MP3 files

  ruskle 20:01 08 Feb 2006

I have had this query on the General helproom for 2 weeks with no replies so am trying here.

I have about 2000 MP3 files on my Lappy HD, each one has a 2 digit number in front, such as 21Elvis Heartbreak, 48Johnny Cash Boy Named Sue, etc. Obviously because I have the 2000 tracks the numbers reappear. I want to delete the numbers so that the tracks will be in alpabetical order, then I can put them on DVD for home use of CDs for use in my cars MP3 CD player. I have limited time to spend deleting the numbers individually, is there a way to do a block delete? As I said before the numbers only go to 99. (Dont knock my music), Cheers Russell

  Skyver 20:46 08 Feb 2006
  Kev.Ifty 21:17 08 Feb 2006

Worth a look

click here

  pj123 13:19 09 Feb 2006

Also be aware that putting them on to DVD won't work in a CD player.

  ruskle 14:14 09 Feb 2006

Ok on replies,, the ones on DVD are for my DVD player at home, the ones on CD are for the MP3 CD payer in car. I have done a few already but with 2000 it is a trying task.
I am using windows explorer to delete the numbers in front of the Artist/title but it's taking a long time. All of the tracks are tagged and show up in the car or DVD player with he ones I have already done.
The programs you suggest don't look as if they will delete the first 2 characters (numbers) of each file and I am guessing that it's an impossible task. Thanks for the advice.
Please keep this thread going a few more days.


  Skyver 14:26 09 Feb 2006

This deals with large numbers of files better than my previous suggestion. click here

  Rigga 14:57 09 Feb 2006

Hi Russel,

I have just written you a quick console app that will do as you wish, remove all numbers from the start of file names, if you email me using the yellow envelope, I will email you the exe.

You will .NET installed, but you should have this if you have kept up to date with MS updates.

I understand if you do not wish to do this, so I leave the decision up to you.


  Rigga 15:04 09 Feb 2006

Did it really take me thirty minutes to write and test it... I must be getting slow in my old age.

And I should always refresh before I post replies. :)


  Rigga 18:44 09 Feb 2006

Hi Russell,

Not sure if you got my last email, so I'll post a link to the small application on here.

> wm.web-intouch.com/RemoveNonAlpha.exe <

Just put it in the directory where the files you wish to rename are.

Then run it, probably best from a command window, so it can give you all the nice messages about which files it is renaming.

It will rename all files in that directory so that the non alphabetic characters are removed from the start of the names.

As always, please back up your files first.


  Rigga 18:44 09 Feb 2006

oops.. that link didn't work very well did it..

try this one > click here <


  ruskle 19:18 12 Feb 2006

Thanks to all who helped me solve the problem, especially Rigga who wrote a small .exe file for me which did the trick spendidly.

Subject finally closed.


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