Edge of menu is flickering!!!

  Audacious_Kid 13:02 04 Dec 2004

Hi all hope you can help me find out the cause for this. I am using a tft monitor or lcd or whatever and sometimes, the edge of the start menu starts to flicker as if something is interfering, and sometimes it is alright. This is really annoying too. I thought it might be my hi-fi as it is quite near it and when I switch it on it happens, but I don't know if it is the cause. Im using it as a speaker too. Thanks for any help.

  Djohn 13:14 04 Dec 2004

Placing speakers close to a CRT will cause the display to flicker slightly but not with a TFT monitor.

The fact your Hi-Fi system is close to the TFT may cause the flicker because of its amp. Is the Hi-Fi to the left of your monitor and does it only happen when you turn the Hi-Fi system on? If so try moving the monitor further away to see if it cures the problem.

  Audacious_Kid 13:16 04 Dec 2004

I think it only happens when it's on. but im not sure. From the monitor's point of view the hi-fi is on its left.

  Djohn 14:28 04 Dec 2004

It does seem as though the Hi-Fi is causing the problem. Can you double check please by trying with the H-Fi turned on and off, also by moving the TFT as far to the right as possible away from the Hi-Fi?

This will help you to Isolate the cause of the flicker. Sometimes it means moving the monitor or Hi-fi unit by only a few inches to stop this from happening, other times you may need to move one or the other several foot away.

  Audacious_Kid 17:28 04 Dec 2004

Thanks Djohn, I switched off my hi-fi and after a few minutes the flikering stopped. I have to think of a place to move my hi-fi as I can't really move it much sideways.

  Audacious_Kid 21:56 04 Dec 2004

hey, just to let you know I found the problem. It was my yahoo gaming. lol. The java loads up and the menu starts flikering for some reason. Maybe because the rooms always update. hehe.

  Djohn 03:22 05 Dec 2004

Pleased you found the answer and thanks for letting us know for future reference :o)

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